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The Steamboat Springs Flying Club, LLC was formed to provide the best aircraft at the lowest cost to a select group of members for their personal use. The goal of the cluv is to provide recreational and instructional use in high quality, well equiped airplanes and add new airplanes to the fleet as the Club membership grows.

As an LLC, the Members own the airplanes and any other assets of the LLC. A member elected Board makes the basic day-to-day decisions, with each member having an equal vote in the affairs of the Club.

The Club is operated under a set of By-Laws and operating standards which set forth the business operations of the Club, the general rules for running the daily operations of the Club and establishes minimum standards for each pilot. The first and foremost goal of the Club is to promote and enhance the safety of Club flight operations, and fairly stringent rules are in place to assist the members in achieving that goal.

There are three types of members

Student member is a begining pilot, pays the same fees and dues and has the aircraft available for flight instruction with a Steamboat Flying club Certified Flight Instructor. This form of membership is for a maximum of 18 months after which time the student must gain their private pilot license or leave the Club.

Individual member is a certified pilot with full use of the aircraft.

Family membership extends flight privileges to all approved family members with fees and dues paid at 150% of the rate for a student or individual member, but flies at the same hourly rate as everyone else.

We are starting memberships with a $1,000.00 fee to join ($1,500.00 for a family membership) and a $150.00 per month charge ($225/month for family membership). This monthly charge covers aircraft and pilot insurance, hanger use, and aircraft maintenance. The aircraft will be flown for “cost”, which we estimate to be about $100.00/hour (fuel costs are included but change frequently so the hourly fee fluctuates accordingly). As of 2012 the Club owns Cessna 172XP (195hp), Cessna 182Q and Cessna 182 turbo RG.

The Steamboat Flying Club has three Certified Flight Instructors Justin Spratta, Tom Conte, and Scott Middleton.

If you are interested in joining the Steamboat Flying club or Learning to Fly, please see membership applications (link) and if you have any questions feel free to contact Mike Landy (720 933-1060), Scott Middleton, CFI (819-1953), Justin Spratta, CFI (720 201-6770)  or Tom Conte, CFII/ASMELG (970 819-6695)

Interested in joining our club: Let us know and we will get back wth you.

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